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Letters to The Mother
I read The Mother. I am blessed.
Dr. Rajeev Ghodake, Ahemednagar

The website looks divine... Thank you. The archive section is fast and easy to access. A very web friendly website. Shared it with friends. My mother loves it too.
Manali Mitra, Pune.

Aesthetically perfect, auspicious, and embodies truth,
Satyam Shivam Sundaram!!!
Enjoyed reading many articles. I like Gondavalekar Maharaj's thoughts very much.
And of course, Song of Sannyasi brings tears to my eyes, always!!
Dr Rajeshwari V. Pandharipande, Urbana, Illinois, USA

Thank You ever so much. I really have no words to express my gratitude for mailing the latest edition of 'Mother', which I have just received. Now I can truly soak myself in Mother's divine love. Regards.
D.I.Srivastava, Bangalore

I have a couple of points to raise:
  1. This time the articles seem to be meant for a target audience who are already at a different level in the study/understanding of spirituality. Some of the articles were too long. For e.g. the article on "Steps to realisation" could have been in "bullet points"… something like the article on "Philosophy & teachings...." And some went way above my intellect (as its title suggested!!). Do cater to people like us too....or are we just out of your radar?!! 
  2. The short intro to the Kathopanishad, left one wanting for more information... where to get a standard simple book with translation & explanations... it's presence/applicability in practical life today etc.
Sujata Ojha, Bangalore
Thank you for your feedback. We have no authority to change the content or presentation of articles submitted to us, especially so since many contributions come from holy personages. So we can’t turn some into bullet points. Article by Gondavalekar Maharaj was a compilation and hence appeared in bulleted format. As for the length of the articles, there will be some which can be longer but we’ll try not to include pieces that are too long.

The Mother is an aid to a serious spiritual seeker, but no one is out of the radar. This time we have included article by Vijay Menon for instance which has a universal appeal; earlier we carried articles by Rasanath Das, Monideepa Lahiri and RK Gupta which found wide readership. But your suggestion is taken, we will increase the space in the journal for beginners in spirituality.

There are several versions of Kathopanishad and many are freely available on the internet. You might like to buy a copy of Principal Upanishads from Ramakrishna Mission or read about it from the following links:

Thank you for sending me the link to The Mother.....lovely!! I'm yet to go through the whole thing but loved whatever I've read. Great work!! The presentation is so good. Thank you for sending it to me...I see a blessing in it.
Rajee Seetharam, Bangalore

Congratulions on the latest edition of The Mother online publication. It is beautifully designed and very well written with many interesting articles to benefit sincere seekers of Truth.
Robin Kaye, Japan

This is a wonderful creation unlike anything I have seen. I look forward to reading it.
Teddy Jefferson, New York


This is the great service to Sri Sri Thakur. Srimad Bhumanandaji served this journal  for 25 years as editor continuously.

Anandam! Anandam! Anandam! Jai Guru.
Kinkar Samananda, Kolkata

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