The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Make fragments of the Name that is a whole,
Think as thine thy body, home and clan.
Make the joy and sorrow depend on them,
Loving or hating as they love or hate thee;
But such attraction and repulsion lead
To a round of births and deaths, coming and going.
Thou canst get over these conflicts of mind
Through the Name and see Divinity revealed.
In that light no trace of darkness lingers,
All wished-for visions of God thou wilt thus see.
Having seen in worldly form the Lord of the world
Thy heart will fill with universal love.
Wherever thou wilt look—in front, behind,
Above, below—thou wilt see Him, and lose
Thyself in those visions of Him. Recite
The Name, Sitaram, don’t thou remain silent.


It’s most truthful to say, He is everything.
The ignorant find Him to be many things.
Repeat the Name and shake off ignorance
And make light drive away thy darkness. Then
Thou wilt no longer think of man, woman,
Bird and beast as apart from one another.
Thy heart will melt with love, eyes overflow
With tears, thou wilt sing victory to the Name.
Recite the Name, don’t tarry. No refuge
Is so strong as the Name. To chant the Name
Is the essence of spiritual effort.
By the Name thou wilt quickly attain Him.
Leave off indolence and thy reluctance,
Chant constantly, Hari! Hari! Hari!
And He will steal away thy mind and soul.
Sitaram, the Lord’s servant, sing the virtues of the Name.