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Path of Spiritualism - Beyond Intellect
Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathy

Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathy is a prolific writer, speaker, music composer, lyricist, philanthropist, community leader, mystic, spiritual guide, bringing families and communities together around the world.

Born in Cuttack in Odisha in India in 1948, he served in the Indian Police Service (IPS). Welfare of mankind has been his motto throughout and this urge took a spiritual turn when he first visited the shrine of  Shri Sai Baba in Shirdi. Pursuing the ideals of  Shri Sai Baba he has been instrumental in  guiding and inspiring setting up  250 temples dedicated to Shri Sai Baba in India and abroad including  Chicago, Minnesota, Montreal, Dallas, Kent, Tennessee, Sydney, Johannesburg.

His work and life continue to have tremendous impact of building bridges among hearts and families across communities.

Spontaneous human nature is to have an amicable inter relationship with individuals, groups or situations which are considered more powerful. Before the evolution of the cerebral potentialities, the earliest human beings considered the forces of nature like fire, cloud and even some other species to be more powerful than themselves and thus started the earliest systems of worship. This concept of God at the level of consciousness of the earliest human beings was interpreted as more powerful forces of nature around and was based on sheer fear. Gradually, with the expansion of the thinking capabilities the human race started understanding about the all pervading and subtle forces of nature which they called God. Gradually, they realized that behind the manifest forms of sun and fire, there existed a subtle consciousness. They further knew that this subtle consciousness is the primordial causative force creating the visible and non‐visible aspects of the universe. The developed intellect and expanded consciousness of the spiritual minds of India delved deep into these subtle causative forces of the universe and realized the existence of an eternal entity which they defined as God and the Ultimate Truth. This primordial entity known in Vedas as ‘Param Purusha’ is not bound by time, space or mutability, although it creates time, space and mutability.

The different incarnations of God and the Perfect Masters came on this earth to reveal this Ultimate Truth to the human beings through their conduct and precepts. The instances of their exemplary actions, at times bordering on miracles created a conviction about their superior powers in the minds of the devotees. Initially, it is these wonderful and inexplicable miracles that started drawing devotees towards these most powerful entities of nature. Should one like to logically understand the causes of such acts of miracles, at the end of his search, one will find that one’s limited intelligence and intellect are but a poor instrument to properly appreciate such a phenomenon. Even if the human race has gone beyond the earth and landed on the moon, yet the question that naturally comes to mind is: What exactly has been achieved by the homo sapiens in the context of the yet unconquered universes having millions and billions of solar systems? It seems like an ant moving from one pebble to another pebble on a vast sea shore. As the spiritual Masters have revealed from time to time, beyond the boundaries of the perceptible and imperceptible universes there lies the vastness of an infinite void or ‘Mahashunya’. Only after crossing the chains of universes, can one enter into that void. In the path of spiritual journey, the first step is to cross this void and have an experience of the eternal being or primordial being or the ‘Adipurusha’ or ‘Ananta Purusha’.

Given this unimagined and unimaginable vastness of the creation of god, is it possible to comprehend or cross this vastness with the help of our very limited intellect and by the endeavors of a lifetime? A positive answer to this question will indicate that the person has not entered the path leading to the spiritual world as yet. A negative answer will indicate that he is yet to understand the potentiality of a human soul which is part of the over‐soul. If one reacts to this question neither in affirmation or negation, then he is in a neutral state of mind which can simply be called a state of ‘be as it may’. This is a better state of mind than otherwise, in order to evolve in the path. If a man is in such a state of mind then who will give him a correct answer and who can possibly lead him in that path? In the ‘Satyayug’ the answers to such questions were revealed through ‘Meditation’ (Samadhi). In Tretayug through ‘Yoga’, in Dwarparayug through ‘Yagna’ and today in the Kaliyug it is being revealed through ‘Science’. However, the answer given by Science is due to a natural process of expansion of the cerebral capacities of human beings as ordained by nature. But should one like to shorten the process of his evolution and grow at a faster pace, he has to go through a certain special experimentation on himself. He has to bring into focus, one’s entire physical and mental potentialities and to combine it with his will power by increasing the will power enormously. In short, he has to put his entire energy, time, will and aspirations into a single focus of attraction. Experience with the ‘laws of human motivation’ has shown that love and not fear can create the highest motivation in a human being. If the approach to this path emanates out of devotion and love, rather than fear then the path becomes easier and takes less time.

The laws of nature are well defined, exact and operate universally. To understand these natural laws, one should have similar thought vibrations and insight. All the saints on this earth had simple, innocent and guileless personalities. It is difficult, rather impossible, to evolve in the path of spiritualism purely with an intellectual and logical approach. Kabir, Nanak, Tukaram, Meera, Ravidas, Buddha, Christ, Sri Sai Nath all went through this path and made people understand only this path. Sri Sai Nath, inspite of being in the state of total divinity, lived with illiterate and semiliterate rural folks of Shirdi for more than sixty years. He established a tradition with these people which is today attracting millions of others from within the country and abroad. Millions of intellectuals have surrendered at his feet after getting attracted by this simplicity and truthfulness. This is so, because the soul is always in search of simplicity, peace and love. Wherever these qualities appear, they become centres of attraction. This is not the attraction of intellect but the attraction of the soul. This is not based on fear but on devotion and love.

Let us pray at the holy feet of Sri Sai Nath who is always there to help His devotees in their spiritual evolution through the easiest path he has shown.