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Letter From Kinkar Krishnananda

Kinkar Krishnananda Mr. Richard Boiley of Canada) the great Western devotee of Shri Shri Thakur to Kinkar Bitthal Ramanuja with the earnest prayer to visit the West to preach the Naam as well as the Divine Life and Message of Shri Bhagawan Omkarnath Dev:


OM Chertsey Quebec CANADA
11/10/2005 (PURNIMA)
Sri Sri Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja

The Embodiment of my Master, Please be kind enough to accept thousand pranams at your feet; also accept love from a useless brother disciple from the other side of the world.

I have received your book, your compassion and blessings. I have read "The Eternal Festival" -the most beautiful thing I have read in my life. My respected brother, I remember way back in 1981at Hrishikesh Ashram during the time of my meeting and initiation from Shri Gurudeva, You graciously lent me the book "Our Master". It was such a discovery for me to read about the superman Sitaram. Now you have done it again- another great book like Our Master, greater even, a beautiful companion to the one written by Prof. Chakrbarti. This book of yours has got me to shed tears, monsoon of tears - the flowing of love towards Sri Baba, towards dharma, the Shastras, the Naam.  So much love I have for all of you, so much respect!!  How great is God and His bhaktas! How supremely lucky am I to have witnessed the Lord of my heart in His Leela with His followers! So much delight in reading your book, so much thanks – I am so grateful to you brother – Amazing book, amazing disciple you are – amazing grace from you!  Jai Guru!

I am reminded of the great Swami Vivekananda. He used to say:  "If you work for your own salvation, you will go to hell. You have to work for the salvation of others even if you have to go to hell."  Coming to the West is a bit like going to hell. Worldly materialistic people, pigmy in spiritual matters, money, power, sex, violence and so on. But somehow some one has to take the plunge, just like Swami Vivekananda or Swami Yogananda Paramhansa, or Prabhu Pada A.c. Bhakti Vedanta Swami. Even Param Gurudeva (Sri Sri Dasharathi Dev Yogeshwar) wanted to go there and spread Naam. No body is more qualified than you – I would say than yourself. By God's will, it seems Time has come.

Sri Sri Baba has gifted a beautiful place for me just one-hour drive from Montreal-forest, mountain with crystal clear lake, and a beautiful three-bedrooms house. He also gave me 'Garura', my private car…I live here according to Baba's rules and regulations - vegetarian diet, japa, meditation - as I was doing in India. No smoking, no drinking, no meat eating. My dearest brother, everything is yours if needs be. I am at your disposal, as well as the house, the car… For a day or a year…Personally I don’t need all this. It is for Gurudeva for His work, for His bhaktas. It would be nice if you would come to this Sri Baba's place, grace it with your presence, give it a name and bless this place so that it can become an ashram where any devotee of Sri Sri Thakur may come and do Sadhana here. I have already brought sand from Sri Hrishikesh Ashram, from Benaras, from Vrindaban, Radhakunda, Gokul, Barsana, Gobardhan, Hardwar etc; and Water from Ganga, Jamuna etc. And I have mixed the sand with everything around the house, and the land and the holy water with the lake here.  So just below the house the lake Ganga is there.  I have made puja, renamed the lake "Ganga" and decorated the house like an Indian ashram with photos of Radhakrishna, Sitaram, Mahadev, Durga, Kali and so on.  I bathe in the Ganga 3-4 times a day with Krishna Naam on my lips, listen to your cassette "Namamrita Lahari" with tears always.

I cursed my bad luck as to why Babajee kicked me from India to this demoniac country full of poison (rajas).  In Kannya-Kumari Baba told me that birth after birth I was his disciple and took birth always in India.  But then why this birth in the West? The answer came from Baba as a letter.  He wrote to me then, in 12th May 1982:

“My son Krishnananda, there are two types of men in this world.  One type feeds his own self only, the other type feeds others as well as himself.  Sri Gurudeva has brought you to feed others.  You have been born outside India particularly you will have to feed people of those places with the spiritual food and to lead them to the path of peace, to the path of eternal light.  You yourself will have to do nothing.  You are only to watch and see Sri Gurudeva's Leela.  Do not forget even for a moment that you are the instrument only.  You are the flute in the hands of Lord-Christ Sri Krishna."

With this in mind, from here in this "Tapovan" gifted by Sri Gurudeva, I have a dream: The West is rich.  We take money from the West and then give if to SOMA.  What is SOMA? : - Sitaram Das Omkarnath Math+Ashrams.  In return we intoxicate the Western world with Sitaram's life and teaching and preaching.

My dearest Maharaj! You have been trained by God Sitaram Himself to do such a work.  You are the Vivekananda of Sitaram.  You know everything: lecturing, music, cooking. You are enlightened, so you can also light the lamps of thousands and more.  Prabhu Pada came to the West 70 years old all by himself suffering two heart strokes in the ship from Madras to New York and toured the whole world ten times.  He has established 108 centres around the world – all within 12 years.  Vivekananda unknown in India came back from the West as the very great Swami with name and fame.   These all due to their Guru-Kripa.  Who else can do Baba's work here - You are the one my dearest, you are the one! Can you not see? Come!

N.B.  I take this opportunity to offer thousand dandawats to all my beloved Guru Bhaies, Swamijees, Yogis of Sri Sri Thakur's Sampradaya and specially to one I love so much, my Gopal, beloved Prof. Parashar, your younger brother whom since the beginning I know very well as my well-wisher – My very best wishes to him and to you, brother, whom I consider the same essence of Sri Baba’s kripa.

May God bless you, all glory to our Sitaram!
With lots of gratitude to you Maharaj,
Kinkar Krishnananda of Sitaram
(Richard Boiley, Canada)