The Mother Divine
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Kinkar Krishnanada (Richard Boiley)
I feel that the best way for me is to give myself completely to Baba, to surrender service and devotion. Service and devotion to Baba are the only ways of success for material and spiritual progress. I am of the opinion that the impersonality of the Supreme is for me an erroneous concept because Lord Krishna, Rama, Baba were all living persons. They are– or should I say, Baba is the Absolute Truth, Absolute Love and does not belong to material darkness. This is my conviction that Baba was the Supreme Soul, the Absolute Truth, the one Being Himself the First One, the Ancient One, the Supreme One. No other conclusion comes to my mind, the Love Baba gave to His Bhaktas was divine Love. Only men with small knowledge can conclude that His apparition, His life, His Leelas, His disposition were simply material. Baba was both beyond ignorance & knowledge. This is my firm belief.

There is no bondage, no liberation for those who have taken refuge at His holy feet. Among his disciples and devotees, those who believe that the Supreme Soul is different from Baba’s and are looking somewhere else, in a jungle or a cave in the Himalayas, must be on the track and miserable is their condition.

Baba is now in the hearts of all of us: so why look for Him elsewhere?  I believe ‘Seva to all is Seva to Baba’ is our highest knowledge. As for me, my source is Baba, my way is Baba's way, my God is His holy feet. May I come again and again in the cycle of birth and death to get my Guru, to serve Him in any way he desires! For me it is crystal clear as the water of Mother Ganga.

In loving obeisance and reverent surrender, Hare Krishna.
This servant of Shri Shri Gurudeva, my Holy Master.