The Mother Divine
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Sri Gulzari Lal Nanda
In quick succession some of the most outstanding shining lights of spirituality in India have departed from the earthly scene in the recent past. With two of them- Anandamayee Ma and Baba Sitaramdas Omkarnath, I had a special relationship of unbounded love and devotion. Nearness to them was always a source of affable joy and inspiration. I have treasured the memory of the occasions when they came together and the most exquisite and delicate bond of the spirit, which linked them, became visible to the human eyes. Both of them had their distinctive style of projecting the message of the spirit and uplifting the souls of the men and women who were drawn to them. The void that has been created in the lives of their devotees is still for me a palpable experience. But to make up for this loss somewhat, there is at the same time the feeling of their ever present Reality, close to us shedding light and love in ways which are difficult to define and describe, I feel that their kindness and compassion are still at work and that the hope and assurance I got from them for my abiding future will materialize in time.

Baba's approach to life was many sided. The facts about his earthly sojourn yield some insight about the manner in which he scaled the spiritual heights on which he stood. It is an incomparable record of effort as well as achievement. He shared with the world at large his great acquisition of knowledge and experience in his many writings and speeches. He gave to every aspirant the kind of intellectual and spiritual fare which would meet his individual needs. There are among us, some who will bear testimony to the most exacting tasks and duties, which he set for them. He inspired them to go through the most strenuous spiritual exercises and austerities. For the many, his guidance was available in simple terms and the course of Sadhana for them covered several convenient stages. He brought high spiritual prizes within the reach of ordinary people. He offered Kirtan and Naam as the vehicle for awakening of the Kundalini, which was considered open to a few only who were prepared to undergo a most arduous andelaborate course of Sadhana.

For society, his written and spoken word conveyed in terms of thought and practice, the most authentic lessons in the sacred and precious cultural heritage of our country. He interpreted the words of the Rishis of yore in artistic forms and impressive words. It is obvious that he belonged to the similar line of Rishis and high beings. What he said and wrote was a rare blend of the wisdom of the past, and his own rich experience, in the present day world.

It is for his disciples to extract the essence of that rich love, which he has left as his legacy for us-reflect in some measures at least, the sweetness of his ways, and the goodness and greatness, which he embodied during the whole course of his life.