The Mother Divine
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Sri Sri Sitaramadas Omkarnath
(Translated from Pushpa Chandan
by Dr. Abinash Chandra Bose, M.A., Ph. D.)
As the bee that sits on a lotus and sips
honey, exceeding sweet,
So may my mind taste endless bliss
being fixed on your gracious feet.
And let my tongue from day to day
your hallowed name repeat.

All work may I do for the love of you
And holy rites may I find.
Performed by offering homage to you
With body, speech and mind.

Give me the strength to shun like poison
sickening pleasures of sense.
Drive out desire and bring devotion,
ever firm and intense.

At the touch of your feet may my sleeping soul
awake in this holy place.
On this holy day and come to realise
itself in joy and grace.

Let the grim night of dark ignorance
be at an end today
And the light of knowledge dawn on the earth
and spread its lustrous ray.

I’ll find my lost self, leave bodily pride
at the touch of that light,
And be on the search and discover Him
who has been out of sight.

Let world illusions be dispelled,
and my voice from songs refrain,
So that I recall you are in the world,
and strike my sweetest strain.

Alone you exist in the wide world
In many a form of loveliness,
And with earth, water, fire and air you make
Your multifarious dress.

May my mind see you in all the forms
and lose itself in these
So that Lord! Your eternal truth
I’m able to know with ease.

Make me your own, my friend! What else
Shall I say? This song that I sing
In prayer to you, accept it, dear one
As a loving gift I bring.