The Mother Divine
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Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkaranath
The first word uttered in this world is ‘Ma’. The first word, which a baby utters, is Ma. There is no other word in this world, which is so full of sweet honey and nectar and which makes one forget everything as the word Ma. Ma, Ma, Ma. Ma is the entire possession of a baby; the baby does not know anything else, the baby cannot say anything else; the baby goes on repeating Ma, Ma, Ma, crying Ma, Ma, Ma. The only resort of a baby is Ma; all its possessions consist of Ma. If the baby has mother nearby, it has everything; if mother is not there, the baby has nothing, sitting in the lap of its Mother, the baby enjoys every pleasure; it has no resort other than Mother.

The baby starts speaking with the word Ma. But as it learns to utter other words, Ma comes less frequently in its speech. The child learns many new words and, at last, submerging the word Ma in the ocean of word, progresses in his life. As a young man, devoid of the word Ma, he acquires much learning but where has his complete bliss gone? As a baby, with the mother as the only resort, he used to get endless bliss by uttering the word Ma; but as a young man, though he has acquired much learning; has gained much knowledge and has become well-known as a learned and wise person, but being devoid of Ma Naam, his cry of distress goes on increasing. He feels dissatisfied; no longer can wife, child, wealth give him satiety. Even after acquiring all material possessions, the person cannot find any bliss; he has lost the clue to bliss. His temporary addiction to pleasures soon evaporates but where is that bliss by gaining which no trace of sorrow remains. Where is that supreme bliss? Who will show me the way to the attainment of that supreme bliss, where shall I get it?

In order to give clue to that supreme bliss comes Sri Bhagawan in the form of Sri Guru. Giving a spiritual turn to his life, Sri Guru tells him –“My boy, you repeat ‘Ma’ which was your Mantra at the beginning of your life and which you uttered first. Having forgotten the Ma Naam, you have not been able to gain peace of mind though you have learnt many subjects. You have only learnt the infinite varieties of words and you have tasted endless sorrow with a veneer of happiness. Now you come back, come back to that Mahamantra Ma Naam, which had come out of your mouth first by itself. Say Ma, Ma, Ma; repeat –
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma Jai
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma Jai
Then the person, who had lost his path and was dissatisfied with his life, starts calling in great joy –Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma. Ma is Guru. Sri Guru is Ma. The lost soul had lost his mother; now he does not recognize his Mother; so in order to reveal herself, She comes in the form of Sri Guru and, by transforming Herself into Mantra, reveals Herself turning his mind from external objects to the internal ones.

The young man gains a spiritual life. Astonished he sees his Guru standing before him. In great respect he enquires, “Who are you”, the latter replies, “I am your Guru”.

He is further astounded when he sees a woman descending from the shoulder of Sri Guru. He cannot ask her bluntly who she is but starts thinking the matter over in his mind as to who really she may be. Immediately ‘Mother’ comes running and, picking up his spiritual body and placing it on her lap, says; “I am your Mother”. Mother places him on her bosom. The child, who has lost his Mother, gets back and no longer does any fear trouble him.

Mother goes ahead carrying him in her bosom. In the field of sadhana, a sadhaka cannot become devoid of all fears until Mother places him on her lap. Kundalini is the name of the Mother in the spiritual life. She carries in her bosom the baby in the field of Sadhana to that supreme ocean. Who can be so unfortunate a person to desist from singing ‘Jai’ to ‘Ma’! ‘Jai Ma’ is the Mantra which unites people of all faiths. Whether the person is a Vaishnava or a Shaiva or a Shakta or a Saura or a Ganapatya, he can fearlessly take shelter with this mantra. Not only the worshippers of these five faiths, but in whatever form of sadhana he may be engaged, he is really worshipping this very Mother. A Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a person of any other religion can, without any discrimination, sing the Mantra, Jai Ma.

Any sadhaka of any religious society becomes fearless as soon as he can become steadfast in repeating Ma Naam. Hence the Mantra Jai Ma is worthy of being sung by all.

Ma Naam exercises great influence in another direction. A serious obstacle develops at the gate of the kingdom of bliss. That obstacle is the woman form of Mother. The lost soul, having lost his Mother, had tried to embrace other women and in the process he had rendered fruitless innumerable lives and is running about uttering cries of agony. But he cannot protect himself from his powerful enemy, his lust. This Ma Naam mahamantra blasts away the peak of that hill of lust; the thunderbolt of Ma Naam completely destroys the Vritrasura (great demon) of lust; all the women of the world become his mothers, and then without any effort he can advance towards the kingdom of bliss.

Ma comprises the seven sounds of Bhu, Bhuvah, Swah, Maha, Janah, Tapah and Satya, Brahma created Bhu after uttering the sound Bhu. He created Bhuvah after uttering the word Bhuvah. In this way uttering these seven words in the seven chhandas (rhymes) of Gayatri, Ushnik, Anustuba, Brihati, Pankti, Tristupa, and Jagati, he created the seven worlds (Lokas).

Ma is Gayatri. In this world whatever movable or immovable exists is nothing but Gayatri. Vak -(Nada) plays music and sings in the hearts of the living creatures and this music is echoed and re-echoed in their hearts. Because it rescues people from fear, so Vani (Nada) is Gayatri (the deliverer).

My Mother, in the form of Gayatri, is the Earth whose expanse is fifty crores of yojanas (one Yojana = 8 miles) and whose height is seventy crores of yojanas. In this earth are situated all the living creatures –(1) born of womb, (2) born from sweat, (3) born of trees and plants, and (4) born from eggs. They cannot cross the limit of this earth. The mother in the form of Gayatri is the body of the earth, which comes out of the Purusha’s body. As the ten Indriyas (senses) ears, eyes, skin, tongue, smell, speech, hands, feet, anus, sex organ are all established in the body, they cannot cross the body.

Ma is the lotus of the heart situated in this body, which comes out of the Purusha’s body; the senses all stay in the lotus they do not go out of it.

Ma is the Akasha outside the body, Ma is the Akasha inside the body, Ma is the Akasha inside the heart, Ma is the Param-Akasha which is indivisible and all-pervading.

It is Ma who plays in the forms of Gayatri Shira, Aap, Jyoti, Rasa, Amrita – all the waters of this world are nothing but Ma, all the juice of this world is Ma, all the nectar is Ma. It is this mother who is the endless Brahma, and the Brahmamayi in the form of Pranava playing as the endless Aap, Jyoti, Rasa and Amrita.

Ma is beyond all times; in the form of Bhu, Bhuva, Swah, she has three legs and Ma is the three Dhamas at the top. This Param Pada, which is beyond the Brahma, is devoid of any Gunas, is the pure truth and is Chit which is the object desired by all. This Param Dhama is in the form of the Para Pranava, which has the three legs as the Vibhuti Ma is the fourteen worlds, which are the different aspects of her Leela.

A great man has said:
Bhukti mukti pushti tushti galit karuna
Karuna varunalaya mayer bhajanaa
–Japasutram 3. Khanda 62
Enjoyment, liberation, growth, contentment come from the kindness of Mother

All these are experienced through the Bhajan of Mother, who is the eternal abode of all kindness. Ma is the one-syllabled Mahamantra.

A, U, Ma, Nada, Bindu, Kala and Kalatita, these seven have mingled with Ma just as the seven rivers fall in Sindhu river.

The common name of Brahma is OM.

The common name of Brahmamayi is Ma. Of Ma, this one-syllabled Mahamantra, the Rishi is Mahamaya Herself; the God is Param Ambika, the rhythm is Gayatri, it is applicable for the attainment of peace and self fulfillment. The Gayatri of this Mantra is
Om, Ma Mahamayayai vidmahe, Bindu Vasinyai Dhimahi
Tannah Paramambika prachodayAat Om
I am aware of Ma Mahamaya, I know her well who lives in the Bindu, I worship that Supreme Ambika.

One should think of and meditate on the Brahmamayi Ma Naam.

Ma Naam is the Maha Naam. He, who repeats this Naam constantly, will soon gain Mother’s blessings. This is certain. For those, who are oppressed by the vagaries of this Samsara, who are suffering from diseases and sorrows, who are overwhelmed by lust and anger, Ma Naam is the supreme resort.

Come people of this world, who are fatigued, oppressed by the samsara and who are devoid of all strength and who are overwhelmed with grief, please call Mother, call her Ma Ma: all your sorrows will certainly end. Mother will place you in her lap. Say Ma, Ma, Ma.