The Mother Divine
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Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkaranath
In this ocean difficult to cross
Say who can help except Guru?
Give up desires and use your tongue
In repeating Guru’s Name at every place.

Assuming a human body God has descended on earth
To rescue the sinners.
All distress vanishes by adopting a Guru
Mysterious are the sweet feet of Guru!
O tongue! Sing the Name of Guru!
O mind! Contemplate on Guru’s abode!
O head! Bow down regularly in every watch of the day
Before the soft lotus feet of Guru.

All delusion of the world will end,
All your fatigue will end,
Supreme peace will permeate your heart,
All the worries will depart.

O mind, who can help cross over
The ocean of worldly existence except Guru?
When everything is dropped and you lay hold of Guru’s feet
The pain of the cycle of birth and death will be removed effortlessly.
This inconstant world where pain abounds at each step
Will not remain any more.

O crazy mind! Learn this wisdom:
The heart blooms as you say “Guru Guru Guru”−
See the form of Guru with the eyes,
Listen to Guru’s teachings with the ears.

Always meditate with your mind focused
In the thousand-petalled lotus in the forehead
And make the mystery of this world as lucid as the cow’s hoof.